Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Salon: The Beginning of Christmas Break

Winter break is underway.  We have not been very motivated at all. Big Sister has been playing on the ipad, practicing piano, and reading.  I handed her Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LeFleur, last night.  She begrudgingly began reading it, but couldn't put it down once she began and finished it before she went to bed. Anyone with a tween-age girl should take note of that book. So, so good.

Middle Sister and Little Sister made cookies and a key lime pie at my mom's house.  While they were busy with her in the kitchen I devoured The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes.  

Now they are frosting away, and attempting not to make too big of a mess.

I should also note that both Middle and Little Sister have been reading up a storm, too. Middle Sister is half-way through Chris Colfer's first book in his Land of Stories series.

Little Sister is reading Junie B. Jones, excited to have entered the world of chapter books. I finished up Superfudge with her yesterday and we have already started Fudge-a-mania.  No matter how long ago these books were published (early 80s) kids are still enjoying them.

I am excited to have some days off.  Last week I managed to lose my cell phone for an entire day. I hate when that happens. My husband came home and found it over his lunch break, which was great. He called me in the afternoon to tell me he had found my phone.  Since he didn't call til later in the afternoon our entire staff was in the library at a meeting. My principal answered the phone and got to take the message.  I think he might have rolled his eyes a bit when he delivered it.  

I am still waiting for one package to arrive for Christmas. It is for my mom, so at least it is for someone who is not going to freak out if it isn't here, but it has been in the mail for a while, so I am hoping it shows up.

Tomorrow looks like a day of a few errands and more reading and relaxing.  My poor husband has to work, but he might find that more relaxing than being at home refereeing and entertaining kids.

So far I have no ideas for supper, and since everyone is complaining of hunger, I need to scavenge through the refrigerator and cupboards to find something to eat.

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Ti said...

The Teen fell ill after our Disneyland trip and has been down for two days. He missed our annual Christmas Light tour last night but seemed to have turned a corner. He may be able to join us at church tonight. Hoping that's the case.

Your kids are reading! Love that. My son has to read Lord of the Flies over break for Honors English. I LOVE that book but he is not jazzed about it. I hope that once he starts, it will pull him in.

I got my daughter those Kingdom Keeper books about Disneyland at dark. I am hoping those get her to read because it's hit and miss with her.

No food in the house and I refuse to hit the market. I have stuff for Christmas breakfast and we are going out to dinner that day. Christmas Eve we are at my in-laws so we just have to get through today and tomorrow. Grilled cheeses, mac and cheese and soup are the choices available to them at the moment. There's always Eggos. LOL.