Monday, December 2, 2013


Hollywood, 1938 is full of glamour and hundred of girls wanting to be the next big star.  Margaret Frobisher of Pasadena, California dreams of making it big herself.  After being discovered in the local soda shop, Margaret is on her way, even though her parents are totally against it.  Now she is Margo Sterling competing against other young hopefuls.  
There's Gabby Preston, a seasoned pro with her pushy mother, and Amanda Farraday, who has made it big, but who has a secret past.
Margo is also intrigued by the disappearance of Diana Chesterfield, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, who has vanished - or so it seems as the tabloids note her absence from Tinsel Town.

I loved the setting of this book - Old Hollywood, as people flocked to this city to become famous. Starstruck is a bit of a soap opera as drama unfolds and juicy secrets are revealed. Rachel Shukert's novel is a fresh and interesting look at an exciting time in the movie business.

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