Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

Sixteen years ago today I got married - married on my 25th birthday, just like my dad did when he married my mom on his 25th birthday.
People always wonder why I chose to get married on my birthday. In my defense, there is no way my husband can forget either event. 
There are no big plans for today aside from going out to eat this evening for supper.  My mom surprised me with a pair of Uggs, and I have had several texts, phone calls, and facebook wishes.  Soon I will go fold several baskets of clothes while I watch Supersize Me with my girls (who have to fold clothes with me and will be forced to watch what I choose). 

The picture above is such poor quality, but my mom helped me out by emailing it to me.  Wrestling Man, me, my parents, my sister and my brother in this formal wedding picture that my mom dug out from December 27, 1997.  Don't we all look so much younger?!
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Ti said...

Supersize me is great. Enjoy your birthday!

My kids are dragging me to the mall. Maybe i can work some Pinkberry into the trip.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Congratulations Tina.