Friday, November 1, 2013

This Song Will Save Your Life

Elise struggle with making friends, never feeling like she fits in. She is picked on by girls at school, and after a botched suicide attempt on her part, endures even more harassment, this time on-line.

Yet, when she comes across a warehouse party late one night as she walks around town (a solitary ritual that she enjoys), Elise is transformed from someone everyone bullies, into a DJ with talent.  Elise finally has a feeling of belonging, and even of first love.  Yet, the girls she goes to school with are out to destroy her, continuing to post things on a blog they created from Elise's perspective.

Although Elise's troubles may have been a bit extreme, I remember from my own high school days the trauma of finding a friend to sit with in the lunch room, and a group to call my own.  Sales has nailed it with her ability to convey what it feels like to want to fit in, and the thrill of finding your niche.

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