Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christmas Gift?

With Halloween happening today I am guessing you will be ready to hit the stores tomorrow to shop for Christmas gifts.  Here at our house my girls were very excited when the Mattel Keepsake Box arrived. I have to admit, I was, too.

With three girls, the fact that the box was pink and purple was not a big deal, although none of my children are extremely "girly."  We had a good time trying to set it up together and I was thankful that I had batteries on hand.  

As an adult I found the directions were not the best, although I did eventually figure it out.  I would say that even my twelve year old, who is very good at reading and following directions would need help if she were trying to set it up, so it definitely something that an adult should do before giving this as a gift in order to reduce frustration.

The idea of a voice activated lock is extremely cool, yet we were never able to unlock it using the voice activation.  This is where the interest my children had disappeared.  There is a reset button for the voice activation, thank goodness, yet hearing the box's alarm system after two failed attempts to access it, is almost worth not being able to get it open.  

Although this is a great idea, I won't be purchasing this as a gift for anyone.  Ultimately, despite the bells and whistles (and locks), it is really just a plastic box.  

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Ti said...

We don't have this particular item in our house but we have a voice activated diary that never worked! We actually had to break the lock just for her to get into it.

I bought my first Christmas gift the other day. It was a Thomas Kinkade calendar with all of the Disney princesses. The Girl handed it to me at Barnes and Noble and asked for it for Christmas. I was going to do the sneaky thing and say no, and then come back and buy it but who am I am kidding? Why make an extra trip? I bought it and wrapped it and that's that. LOL.