Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Salon

I am so enjoying the extra hour of sleep we were able to get last night as we set our clocks back an hour.  While it didn't exactly allow me to sleep an extra hour, that and the fact that we have not been running around this weekend like we have had to the last several, has made the past two days seem rather relaxing.

We have already begun Christmas program practice at church today, which seems a bit incredible.  Today is also my nephew, Jaymes' 3rd birthday. Although the temperatures outside aren't too cold yet, it truly seems like a November day.  I made a batch of beef stew last night, and have veggies cooking in the oven for later.  I am trying to get a few things made up for the week so that I have some healthy options to take for lunch.

On Friday Big Sister and I shopped at an outlet mall in the evening.  My "I don't need anything" speech I was reciting to myself quickly went out the window when I saw the great "deals" there.  So, I have spent a bit of time boxing up my shorts and capris and getting out my cords for the season.  As of Friday I have added a pair of purple velveteen pants to my winter collection.  They are a bit noticeable, so I am sure that when I wear them the first time, the fact that I made a purchase will be noted.

I would like nothing better than to sit around and finish up Jesmyn Ward's memoir, Men We Reaped. I am loving it, and hopefully will have a review to share with you later this week.

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