Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting My Medical Degree

I have never entertained for even an instant the idea of becoming a doctor. When you pass out at the sight of blood - and have had that tendency since the age of two- working in the medical field is almost a joke.  But then our oldest daughter had cancer.  And suddenly, I had to learn a lot about medicine and chemotherapy and everything I never wanted to know about.  

So, now, eight years later, some of that intense education I had in all things medical has slipped away, but some of it remains.  I am still a cancer mom.

On Thursday last week I had to take Big Sister for a check-up with an endocrinologist.  Her TSH levels were high on two separate blood tests and we were referred on from her oncologist.  The thyroid issue is a very manageable one, but something that we need to be vigilant about.  And I felt like I was in medical school all over again.  I know a lot about pediatric oncology. And I know a lot about the liver.  But the thyroid?  Not a clue. Except now I feel like I should try to educate myself a little.  I have the basic understanding of the thyroid and the many things it controls, yet TSH levels are something entirely new to me.  I was able to ask a lot of questions and even though I am not nearly as well versed on the thyroid as I need to be, I am learning quickly.

In that time, we determined that the TSH level that was high this past June, had lowered to nearly within the normal range.  The x-ray of her hand which shows the age of her bones, determined that her bones are only 6-9 months younger than her actual age.  Although her growth is not in huge bursts, she is growing.  And, her projected height as an adult is 5'0'' - 5'1".

Our only plan is to wait and come back for a follow-up visit.  In the meantime, I have a while to learn more about the thyroid.  Big Sister is happy to not have to return any time soon.  She sports a nice bruise on her arm where blood was drawn, and a new pair of jeans for her discomfort.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

so sorry "big sister" has been through so much at her young age. very sad.