Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Salon: The Monday Edition

The weekend got away from me with birthday celebrations.  For a second weekend we had a party to prepare for. This week it was the family party to celebrate all three girls' birthdays along with my nephew who is turning three in November.

We rented a trampoline/tumbling place and served Papa Murphy's pizza. I had planned on making some food, but my daughters assured me that no one would really want to eat- they would want to jump.  The party was short and sweet and now I only have two more friend parties to plan for. It seems like these birthday parties are never ending, but with three fall birthdays they all hit at the same time.  

This weekend was the last regular season soccer game.  Little Sister ended by scoring two goals on Saturday.  I worked at the public library on Saturday morning which allowed me to get some leisure reading done and catch up with a good friend who stopped by.  

This coming week I will be working late two nights for parent/teacher conferences.  The good news is that with this schedule I should be able to make my exercise class every day this week.

The weather is a bit more brisk this morning - and we even have a chance of snow flurries tomorrow.  I'm hoping the weather report is wrong- I am so not ready for cold weather yet! 

Hope your week is a good one!

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Ti said...

Snow flurries? Really? It is predicted to be a warm, 75 degrees today. It's been this way for weeks. It's nice, but doesn't feel like fall all that much.

My daughter is going to a bday party for her friend this Saturday at a new trampoline place. Santa Clarita is a yuppie town and the birthday places are very popular but I get tired of taking her to the same places over and over. This is a brand new place so all the kids are excited. Finally, something new.