Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Silver Star

Jeannette Walls' latest work of fiction is another must read for fans of her work - a group that is certainly growing.

Silver Star is a story of two sisters set in 1970.  Liz and Bean are best friends as the two girls grow up fatherless and with a mother who is a dreamer.  When their mom leaves them alone for a few weeks as she goes off to find herself, the girls decide to set off for their mother's hometown.  Bryer is a place new to the girls, and they discover bits and pieces about their extended family and about the father Bean never knew.

They are reluctantly taken in by their uncle Tinsley, and attempt to fit into life in a small town. Although their mother does return, she is unable to care for her children.  Liz and Bean become involved with Mr. Maddox, a big wheel in town who has obtained his power and money by bullying others. Uncle Tinsley has forbidden the girls from getting a job -especially if it is working for Mr. Maddox, but the girls don't listen to him. It is only after something happens to Liz that the girls come clean and admit what they have done to their uncle.

I love Walls' writing.  I loved Silver Star.  After reading both The Glass Castle, a memoir, and Half Broke Horses, a novel based on Walls' own ancestors, I am curious to know how much of Silver Star was autobiographical.  This book is another example of Walls' talent as a writer. Silver Star would be a great selection for book clubs, women's fiction readers, and even as a cross-over novel for young adults.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I love this author as well and thought this was good.

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