Thursday, October 3, 2013

Doll House Dream

Last week I was lucky enough to come home to a big box from Amazon awaiting me on my doorstep.  When my girls realized there was a dollhouse inside, we had to open it immediately. We were not disappointed.  

Assembly is required, but after having built IKEA furniture recently, I am all practiced up. The dollhouse went together easily, and the directions were clear. I did need assistance a few times, just in holding pieces in place so I could screw parts together and have pieces lined up, but overall the work required to have a dollhouse was minimal.

The furniture is wooden and sturdy and the dollhouse is absolutely adorable.  My daughters are twelve, nearly ten, and seven, and all three of them were anxious to arrange the furniture and play with it.  

This dollhouse would make a great Christmas present - I can't imagine any little girl would be disappointed with it.

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