Monday, September 16, 2013


I love shoes!  My closet is full of quite a variety. From my fur boots that make me feel like Chewbacca to my my Danskos that I wear to work, I have a wide range of casual style shoes.  I do not have heels in my possession anymore.  As a teacher librarian I crawl around on my knees and have been known to climb on various things to reach bulletin board items, books, or take pictures.  

Well, I feel like I should own one pair of heels - just in case.  But the ones I like are expensive. Like $175.  Sundance has lovely footware and clothes - if only I could be a bit wealthier.
Aren't they lovely? I would opt for brown, but there is really no point in worrying about it since I can't justify a purchase of such expensive shoes since I can't even come up with one place to wear them.

But then, a Crocs catalog showed up in the mail.  With a $10 off coupon.  And there are some lovely wedges for just $69.  With $10 off, and free shipping. They come in a light brown and a espresso. 
Crocs used to mean big, plastic shoes that were comfortable, but not all that attractive.  I stopped in a crocs store at The Mall of America this summer and was happily surprised with some of their new footware.  So, I still am debating buying a pair of heels.  

What do you think?  Comments on my choices?

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