Friday, September 13, 2013

Hannah's Way

Hannah and her family move to Minnesota's Iron Range when her father loses his job during the Depression. Unfortunately, Hannah is the only Orthodox Jew in her school, something that becomes a problem when the class picnic is scheduled for a Saturday, the Jewish day of rest.  

Hannah is allowed to go to the picnic, but isn't allowed to ride in a car to get there.  Hannah begs her parents, but they are not willing to compromise their beliefs, and insist that Hannah can't ride in a car.  Thinking hard, Hannah thinks she has come up with a solution - walking to the picnic.  Yet, as the new girl in town, she isn't sure that anyone will want to do that to help her out.

With a bit of historical information in back, Hannah's Way is the perfect picture book for young readers.  The text isn't overwhelming in detail or length, yet it gives the perfect amount of information to tell this story with accurate historical facts and details.

I'm always looking for good historical fiction picture books and books that represent different religions and beliefs.  Hannah's Way will be coming to my school library soon, a perfect addition to the collection.

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