Monday, July 15, 2013

Red Thread Sisters

Carol Antoinette Peacock's debut novel, Red Thread Sisters, is a novel of adoption.  Two girls have become as close as sisters, spending much of their childhoods in a Chinese orphanage.  When one girl, Wen, is adopted by an American family, she promises her friend that she will find an American family for her, too.

The bond the girls share is special, and Wen finds it especially hard to let go of her friend and embrace her new family and new life.  She remains devoted to the idea of getting her friend adopted.  

Wen struggles with English - especially conversational English- and there are plenty of examples, such as Wen asking someone to show her something "foot by foot"  instead of step by step.  Peacock's ability to include these mistakes gave authenticity to this story.

Wen keeps working to find her friend a family, even when time runs short and just days remain until Shu Ling ages out of the adoption system in her country.  Suspense builds as I hoped for Shu Ling to find happiness and love.

This story perhaps ties things up a bit too neatly, yet I enjoyed reading it and think tween readers will love the story of Wen and Shu Ling and their happy ending.

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