Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beautiful Day

Elin Hilderbrand is a name I find synonymous with summer reading.  The Nantucket setting of her novels provide a beautiful backdrop for her stories, and each year I am happily entertained by Hilderbrand's latest novel.

Beautiful Day is this summer's newest Elin Hilderbrand novel.  A family converges on Nantucket for the youngest daughter's wedding.  Jenna's mother passed away seven years ago and knowing she would not be there to offer any motherly advice for Jenna on her wedding, created The Notebook, full of wedding advice down to the very last detail.  Although meant to be more of a guide, Jenna takes her mother's pearls of wisdom to heart, creating a wedding her mother would be proud of.  Margot, her oldest sister, eleven years her senior is there to help Jenna along the way.  Margot has always been described as capable, and although she is a successful professional, she struggles in her personal life. Divorced and in the midst of a hopeless relationship with her father's partner, Margot is raising three young children, still wanting to find love.

On the groom's side of the family, Stuart's mother, Ann, appears very capable as well, yet she still struggles with the fact that her husband left her for a time and had a child with another woman.  In a surge of goodwill - or perhaps insanity- she invites her husband's ex-wife (and the mother of his love child) to the wedding.  

Doug, the father of the bride, is dealing with many emotions on this wedding weekend. It seems that everything reminds him of Beth, his deceased wife.  And, even though he has remarried, his new wife Pauline will never be able to measure up.

I love the Nantucket setting and the characters Hilderbrand creates in her novels.  Beautiful Day is another winner and a perfect summer beach read.

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