Monday, July 22, 2013


Vacation was a great time to remind me that I have a lot of great books on my Kindle Fire.  Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm by Mardi Jo Link is a memoir I pre-ordered for my kindle. Vacation was a perfect time to tear through this easy to read memoir and enjoy some kindle reading.

Link writes of a year filled with personal challenges.  After nineteen years of marriage she has decided to divorce Mr. Wonderful.  She and her three sons must adjust to life with four people in their family, not five.  The divorce has also brought financial hardship as Link struggles to keep the farm she loves.  

Link's struggles are not unique, which makes her someone many people can relate to.  Money troubles, worries about an uncertain future, her career, her decision to divorce are things that she must deal with in Bootstrapper.  Although all of her concerns are important, one of her main goals is to continue to live on the farm that she and her boys have come to call home.  She recognizes this as more than just a house and piece of land; it is a way of life.  In order to continue to live on this farm, Link begins raising chickens and grows much of her own food.  If hard work were the magic it took to absolve all debt, Link would easily manage to become solvent.  There are setbacks along the way, however, and life doesn't magically or automatically become easy.

Link perseveres despite all obstacles she encounters.  Her college education and freelance writing career help aid her efforts to make ends meet. And as the year passes, Link learns some valuable lessons about herself.

Bootstrapper felt like I was talking to a good friend as I read.  I admired Link for her honesty and her unwillingness to quit, even when it would have been easier.  And I envy her writing style and the way in which she was able to share her life story.

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