Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Salon

School officially ended on Friday and the teachers worked yesterday as our final teacher workday.  It doesn't seem quite real yet, but I spent a bit of time constructing a "to do" list that seems rather long - and that's just for the next few days. I need to make a list of bigger jobs I want to accomplish this summer as well.  And, in an attempt to be more organized than usual, I am hoping to develop some type of plan to keep my girls in a bit more of a structured schedule.  While the idea of sleeping until 10 AM is nice, it takes up so much of our mornings and then they don't want it to be bedtime until well after I want to be asleep. Wish me luck as I try to get this all figured out.

The weather is still quite cool here. Since I like it hot and steamy, I am hoping it warms up quickly.  My pile of books is immense- from the library, my own stacks, and on my kindle.  I won't be lacking for things to read.

The girls and I are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor at night.  I need to find a good book for Little Sister to listen to. I feel like I have totally let her down in terms of chapter book read alouds. She isn't as interested as the other two girls were, and we have started and abandoned several books I thought she would love. Hopefully this is a phase and we can do a better job as she gets older.  I have also noticed that when I talk about books I read to both Big Sister and Middle Sister, they don't always remember them.  For some titles, several years have passed, and they just don' t recall it anymore.  The good part of this, is that now when I read these same books to Little Sister, the other two girls can listen and not feel like they are simply hearing the same thing again.

My girls get out of school on Thursday. Until then I'll be busy cleaning, organizing and hopefully reading, preparing for the busy-ness of summer.

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Peaceful Reader said...

It doesn't seem real to me either. i have few things to finish up and am going back in tomorrow. I did bring a stack of books home to start on though.