Friday, April 5, 2013

So Long, Running Partner

After 3150 miles on my treadmill, we have finally broken down and bought a new machine.  Our first treadmill, a Nordic Track we bought in 2002 after Big Sister was born.  I had no intention of ever running.  Except then I started and became addicted to it.  After breaking three running boards- to the shock of our Sears repairman who thought either my husband or I must be a giant - we bought a new treadmill.  This Pacemaster has been my constant running companion for four years.  We invested money in a lifetime warranty only to have the our running board break the month after the company went out of business.  So.... I have been running on the treadmill with a broken running board for nearly a year.  My husband - who I blame for the status of the running board because of the pounding and speed he runs with- gave me/us this new treadmill as our 15th anniversary present and also as a 40th birthday present to me.  He mostly runs outside, so most of the miles this machine shows are from me.
I'm excited to run on my new machine, but feel a bit sad that this 'ol girl won't be part of my daily routine anymore. And just for fun I looked up the number of miles between New York City and San Francisco and realized I could have run across the entire  United States instead of watching out my window and reading a book while I ran. 

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