Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Family Pictures

Jane Green has become one of my favorite authors. Her books are light and fun and fast. Plus, she publishes fairly regularly, so I am always able to look forward to a new title for the spring/summer months.

Family Pictures is Green's latest, and came at exactly the right time. I have been on a stretch of non-fiction books, and Family Pictures was the perfect read to follow up these books.  

Sylvie and Maggie are two women living on opposite sides of the country.  Sylvie is happily married to David, her second husband, raising her daughter, Eve.  Maggie has three children she is raising, although her life seems to center around charity events and keeping up appearances.

In one moment both of their lives come crashing down around them - and soon they find out how much they have in common.

The jacket flap of this novel hints at a big surprise, which I won't give away. I was able to determine what that surprise was before it is revealed, but it was definitely worth reading for myself.

Jane Green has published another great read - adding to her already large collection of women's fiction novels. Fans won't be disappointed with Family Pictures.

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