Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Happens Next

Months ago Peaceful Reader sent me several ARCs she has received so that I could also share in her book goodies.  I was supposed to read them and pass them on and while my intentions are always good, it is just now that I have actually taken time to read and enjoy the first in this stack of books.

What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton is a debut novel that Peaceful Reader attached a sticky note to so that when I received it and read "So Good" I knew that despite the fact that the two of us have differing tastes in books, this would be a winner.

Sid Murphy and her friends are on a high school ski trip.  As a girl with a more voluptuous figure than most her age and curly red hair, Sid has always stuck out from the crowd and always feels not quite as cute or pretty as her friends.  So, when Dax Windsor, an older guy she meets on the trip invites her to a party Sid goes despite her friends' protests.

She awakens the morning after meeting up with Dax at his place unable to recall what happened - yet she knows it wasn't good. Her reputation at school is shot, and the events of that night have forever changed Sid. 

After dropping out of her college prep course, Sid begins a work study job in the AV department and meets Corey, a boy that she wouldn't have been interested in for a variety of reasons. Yet as the two get to know each other Sid realizes there is more to Corey than she realized. And just maybe he can help her find herself again.

High school girls should use Sid's story as a cautionary tale - there is plenty to think about as Sid struggles to regain her life.  I'm a sucker for a good teen romance and despite the fact that Corey didn't initially seem like my kind of guy, I fell in love a bit with him, too.
As the sticky note attached to this book indicated, this book was "so good."

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Peaceful Reader said...

The next sticky note I leave in the book will be for Groovy Girl "Read this in HS"! I'm glad you enjoyed it.