Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Salon

Here's what I've been up to over spring break so far:  (My spring break is the week after my girls'.  They've had a fun week of time with grandma, visiting the Youth Pavilion, a movie and day at home with dad- and dentist visit, a day with their cousins and aunt, and an afternoon with their former pre-school teacher who entertained them).  Yesterday as an end to their spring break and the beginning of mine, we took a trip to the Mall of America with my friend Crystal and her two girls.

Highlights include:

Our first ever brunch at The American Girl Store

Hats at Chapels

Some fun and scary rides for Middle Sister

Getting to visit the One Direction World Store on its opening day

Supper at Rainforest Cafe.

The rest of my week might not be nearly as fun - I am planning on some serious spring cleaning and hopefully some reading.

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Peaceful Reader said...

How did that Spring cleaning go...? Your trip looks like it was great fun!