Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Salon

Last Sunday at this time spring break was just beginning and we were recovering from our trip to the Mall of America. Today I am forced back to reality and thinking about going to work tomorrow.  I had a relaxing break, but I am ready to be in a routine again.

I had high hopes of organizing my home and doing some spring cleaning, but on Monday Little Sister got sick at school and ended up home with the stomach flu for 2 and a half days.  Not what she or I wanted, really. So, I decided to enjoy lying around with her and get some leisure reading done.  

This weekend is hopefully the last weekend that my husband will be consumed by wrestling until the fall.  He left Thursday afternoon and returned last night at 2 AM.  Today he is too tired to accomplish much - although he has enjoyed some NCAA basketball on television.  Our new treadmill has been sitting in our garage for a few weeks just waiting to be assembled.  This is a big project so I am trying to be patient as I wait, but my 12 mile run this morning on our treadmill with a broken running board (think of running while trying to avoid a small trench) was not ideal.  That's the farthest I have ever run on a treadmill and while my legs are a bit tired, I feel just sort of drained- more than I thought I would.

Although the cleaning plans were initially derailed, I did manage to come up with 4 large garbage bags full of things I am getting rid of.  Today I went through our CD collection - so 1990s, I know - and weeded them out. The idea is we can get rid of our stereo system and buy an iPod docking station and speakers and join everyone else in 2013.  

Although the calendar might tell us it is spring, we awoke this morning to snow.  I am so over winter.  Right now Big Sister is whipping up a batch of these oatmeal chip cookies which I might have to taste test. Middle Sister and Little Sister are busy playing dress up - a game I am not very fond of since it seems to consist of them taking tons of clothes off their hangers and trying them on. They NEVER re-hang everything they get out.  I plan on ignoring this for a bit and returning to the couch to read Erica Bauermeister's new book, The Lost Art of Mixing.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

It doesn't feel like spring here either:( more snow coming maybe. My husband's been to the Mall of America while traveling on business.

Hope the girls stay healthy.

Peaceful Reader said...

I can't believe the snow either! I have two major cleaning projects on my list that didn't get accomplished; cleaning out my refrigerator and organizing my winter clothes.

Before you get rid of the CD's download the ones you like to Google Music via iTunes~that way you can save them, then get rid of them.

Anne Bennett said...

Is it possible that you first day back from Spring break will end up being a snow day? Ugh. My Spring Break doesn't start until next week. but I am ready for it now. My college-aged daughter is home this week, nursing a cold. Sigh. Have a good week.