Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Must Haves

 Easter Must Haves
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#1  Pastel Deviled Eggs- I think these are beautiful despite the fact that I'd rather eat a scrambled egg than a deviled egg.  That egg whites just squirm around in my mouth and gross me out a little bit. Still, even I can be in love with how beautiful these are as long as I don't have to actually put them in my mouth.

#2 - Felt covered Easter Tree from Target.  Just $10, this is one of two Easter decorations I own.  It looks so springy and colorful sitting on my bookshelf.  My girls all exclaimed over it when they saw it.

#3 - Smash Books by K and Company are the new "in" thing - at least according to the Hobby Lobby and Target workers I talked to. Honestly, I wish I were about ten years old again so I could wake up on Easter morning and find this in my basket.  Sort of like a scrapbook that already has decorated pages in it along with some extras - tags, captions, etc.  

#4 - Birds Nests made with Chow Mein noodles.  This recipe might be a bit different than the one I grew up making with my mom, but these remind me of Easter when I see them.  Don't kid yourself. The jellybeans are only there for the looks. I know I picked them off every time and threw them away so I could eat the nest.

#5 Easter dresses are hard for me to justify buying simply because it is never very warm in Iowa for Easter. This year might be a record cold Easter holiday, but try convincing my daughters of that when we were shopping. I finally bought Little Sister this dress at Old Navy.  The idea is that she can wear her white denim jacket over the top to add a little warmth.  Big Sister and Middle Sister have similar dresses also with a denim jacket over the top.  

I must say that I'm pretty pleased with myself and my first attempt at using Picasa to make a photo collage. I still have a bit of messing around I need to do to get better at it and I wish I were faster, but this might be the new blogging trick I'll be practicing for a while.

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