Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Salon

Today we are preparing for more snow.  It is sad when my girls are no longer excited about snow days. But, we have had enough winter and are ready for some warm weather. Last week a trace of snow was predicted and we ended up with 10 inches.  So, perhaps this time as they hype up the weather that is approaching they will get it wrong and we will get that trace we were supposed to get last week.

This afternoon we watched a game of donkey basketball, a fundraiser for the high school prom.  I haven't been to a donkey ball game in a while, and enjoyed laughing at the volunteers who attempted to ride these animals.  My oldest daughter was nearly beside herself with laughter. The good news is that they will be playing again at the end of the month where my mom teaches, and the girls are already begging to go see them again.

My reading is slow right now. I have been working through forty excerpts for the Amazon Breakaway Novel Award.  I am almost halfway done with this.  Some of the excerpts are great, but I know that I do not want to be a book editor. It is hard work.

The other thing taking my time is Ruzzle. I have been playing a lot on the ipad.  I play against my husband, my friend Kristin, and pretty much anyone else I can find.  I now have found a few random opponents to take on.  Oh, what a time waster! However if anyone wants to play me, let me know!

Conferences are coming up this week.  That means two late nights at school and no school on Friday.  My girls also have Friday off, and so far I don't have any big plans, but I am trying to think of something slightly fun and entertaining.

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