Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday Night Widows

I've been waiting to review Saturday Night Widows by Becky Aikman since I read it a few weeks ago.  Aikman is a widow herself. After losing her husband, she tried to find a group of people who had gone through the same thing to talk with them. However, since Aikman was only in her forties she found it difficult to locate other women who really understood what she was experiecing. The age gap between her and other widows presented challenges. Older widows viewed Aikman as having an advantage because she would be able to reinvent her life since she was so young, and perhaps begin another relationship. Aikman, still grieving, didn't feel that way at all.
Finally, Aikman found a few women in a situation similar to her own.  She decided to bring them together, and perhaps forge friendships with these women. Although time had passed since she lost her husband, and Aikman didn't initially think she would be a part of this widows' group, instead being more of a facilitator for them, she also connected with these women.  This group of widows began to meet regularly, finding different activities that encouraged them to embrace life.  From visiting a lingerie shop to taking some trips, this group of seemingly very different ladies forged a friendship based on the one event they all had in common. Yet, despite the fact that they were all young widows, these women were very different, and it was more than just the fact that they were widows that caused them to become friends.
Aikman alternates her chapters, writing of her own experiences as a widow and of losing her husband, as well as the research she has done on grief and grieving.  Even though widows may be able to especially relate to Saturday Night Widows, this book should appeal to many readers.  Book clubs, women's fiction readers and memoir lovers will all especially enjoy Saturday Night Widows.

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Jerry King said...

This one looks interesting. Your review was really good, otherwise I would second guess the read! I am currently reading Barbara Hinske's Coming to Rosemont, and it has been awesome. Love the characters and the mystery side to it. barbarahinske.com if you want to check it out or anyone who wants a good Women's Fiction story for their tbr list. I guess I need to get to reading now that I am going to check out "Widows"! Thanks for the review!