Monday, December 17, 2012

The Good House

Hildy Good is one of the top businesswomen in her small New England town.  She has been helping sell homes for several years - ever since her divorce from her gay husband Scott, and is quite successful.  At least that is how she sees herself.  Hildy has already been to Hazeldon, an alcohol rehab facility after her grown daughters staged an intervention.  And she views herself as cured.  The bottle of wine she drinks each night at home alone in her house certainly doesn't count as drinking.  Hildy finds a friend in Rebecca, a new transplant to this small town also in need of a friend, and eventually the subject of gossip. 
The Good House shares the day to day goings-on in small town life and Hildy, her friends, and family are all real people, challenged by the struggles of day to day life.
Ann Leary has created a story that readers will relate to and be entertained by. I have loved Leary's previous work, and The Good House is a great next novel in her career.

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