Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowed Over: A Christmas Novella

Snowed Over is my first experience reading a book published for Kindle only.  Angie Stanton's YA story was a perfect Christmas romance that left me smiling.
Katie is heading home for the Christmas holidays, although this year will be unlike any other Christmas she has celebrated. Her parents are newly separated, and Katie's mom wants them to all head north to spend Christmas with a man she is "just friends" with.
Katie, a freshman in college, gets a ride with Alex, a boy she doesn't know but who is also heading the same way for his break.
A blizzard forces them to spend their Christmas in a cabin in the woods, a better alternative than the holidays both of them were planning on. Both Alex and Katie are attracted to each other, but Alex has something - namely a fiancee- he must take care of before he can explore his feelings for Katie.
This story was fairly predictable, but I loved the romance between Alex and Katie.  This is a perfect, fun holiday read.  And, it will make me look more closely at the books published solely on kindles in the future.

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