Monday, December 10, 2012

The Flower Girl

Being a flower girl is a dream for many little girls. When I was growing up I was a flower girl for both my cousin and my aunt when they were married.  Recently my mother came across the flower girl dresses that had been packed away in our attic.  Since my sister was also a flower girl for my aunt, I now have three dresses from the late 1970s hanging in my closet. Before I put these away, my girls happily put them on.

Big Sister and Middle Sister with the flower girl dresses from my aunt's wedding.

Little Sister wearing the flower girl dress I wore for my cousin's wedding. 

Barbara Bottner's book, Flower Girl, came into our house just this week, creating a perfect read aloud for girls listening to my experiences as a flower girl.  They are all old enough to remember my sister's wedding just a few years ago, which was a somewhat less traditional wedding not requiring a flower girl.
I loved the photographs in this story as a young girl looks forward to her Aunt Penny's wedding and dressing up, having her hair done, and taking part in a wedding. I enjoyed Bottner's book and can imagine that any young girl - even a girl who has never had the experience of being a flower girl- will appreciate this story which shows in real life detail what happens at a wedding.

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