Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Salon

Three happy girls on Christmas monrning with their iPod Touches from Santa

Winter break is flying by!  We celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve Day and with my in-laws on Christmas Day. Both were nice, low-key celebrations.  My dad, despite his rapid downward mental condition, had a good day with everyone there.  The break has been anything but relaxing for my mother, though, as she tries to anticipate what strange thing he will think to do. (One example is his getting out their four-wheeler at midnight because he insisted it was morning).   Two days after Christmas I celebrated a milestone birthday and we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary.  Our big treat for ourselves is a new treadmill that we need to pick out.

The cupcakes my two little bakers made for my milestone birthday.
We visited my sister in Des Moines over the weekend along with two college friends.  It was great to get together with friends we don't get to see often enough and hang out.
Now winter break is nearing an end. I just realized that the girls have only two more days off school.  I have three off and a lot of little things I would like to get taken care of.
As for reading.....I have a lot of reviews I need to write This has not been a break where I have done a lot of reading, but there have been a few books I have finished and enjoyed. And there are so many books I am looking forward to in 2013!


Kay said...

Tina, your girls are always so precious. I bet they will enjoy their new iPod Touches. Glad you guys had a good weekend and belated happy birthday!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Happy Belated Birthday; Santa was good to your girls:) Happy 2013!