Monday, December 3, 2012

Cover of Snow

You know the feeling of devouring a book- not being able to put it down, and then having a book hangover after it is all over, not sure what book to read next?
The Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman was that book for me over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Although not published until January, this is a novel of suspense you should put on your radar. It's definitely a book I will be telling many friends to read.
Nora and her husband Brendan live in a small  New York town in the Adirondack mountains- Brendan's hometown- where he is a police officer.  Although Nora realizes she won't ever really fit in, she has started a small business fixing up houses.  When she awakens one morning to find Brendan's body hanging from a rope in their house, having committed suicide, Nora doesn't feel as though things add up.  He liked his job and their marriage was happy, certainly not the type of person who would commit suicide. 
As Nora begins to look for reasons why Brendan may have been led to kill himself, there are many loose ends that lead Nora to continue to find out what might have happened.  His mother, Eileen, although never close with Nora, harbors her own secrets. And as the story unfolds it is not only Brendan's family with secrets, but the entire town of Wedeskyull that has been keeping secrets and guarding their own. 
The entire novel is filled with suspense and something a bit sinister, and while I couldn't  put the book down and wanted to race to the end, I didn't want to miss a single word. I know I can't do this one justice, but this could easily top my list of suspense novels for the year. 

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Marce said...

Totally adding this book to the 2013 TBR list, it sounds very suspenseful with an edge.

Great review. I had recently seen the cover but didn't read anything about it.

Soooo good Tina