Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hattie Ever After

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson was an instant favorite of mine when it was published.  As a long time fan of The Little House on the Prairie Books, Hattie seemed like a natural progression - a slightly older, more mature prairie girl story with a touch more humor thrown in.  Despite the fact that it is a tad too long for most of my elementary students, I recommend this title to teachers for a read alouds, and there has yet to be a single adult  I know that has read it and not enjoyed it.
I was thrilled to learn that Hattie Big Sky was to return, this time in Hattie Ever After (to be released in early 2013).  Despite the fact that a few years had passed since I left Hattie and I was a little confused at first, I quickly caught up with where Hattie's life left off. 
In this second installment Hattie has moved to California, following her dream to be a newspaper reporter. Most of these jobs go to men, and Hattie takes a custodial job just to get her foot in the door. She also manages to locate Uncle Chester's girlfriend (at least that's who Hattie thinks she is) so she can pass on word of her uncle's passing. Charlie tells Hattie of his feelings, but she is so busy trying to pursue her own dream, that he moves to Seattle himself to begin working for Boeing. 
Larson has recreated early 1900s California perfectly and watching Hattie working diligently - as always- in order to realize her dreams just deepens my love for this character.  As Hattie Ever After ends I am hopeful this is not the last we will see of Hattie; Larson has left a perfect opportunity for us to see Hattie again.

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marlenedetierro said...

Hattie Ever After is a wonderful sequel to Larson's award-winning tale of the orphan girl who worked so hard to try and make a home in Hattie Big Sky.

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