Friday, November 16, 2012

Hair Dos and Don'ts

Last night I had my hair cut and colored.  I have been pondering a style change for a while, but just cannot decide what exactly would look good on me.  I still think of myself as having long hair, since that is how I had my hair for most of my life.  However, for the past couple years, I have had a mid-length style that requires nearly no skill to maintain. Perfect for me.  I have always wished I would have the nerve to get my hair cut short - like Jamie Lee Curtis short. However, that hair-do looks good on her, but I am not convinced it would do much for me.  I told my hairdresser that what I really needed was a program that allowed me to try different hairstyles on my face just so I had an idea what they would look like.
In our high tech world, that is now possible for a mere $1.99.  The Hair Makeover App on my ipad is providing a lot of fun for me and my girls.   While I don't intend to try the hair-do below, it is fun to try on some different styles.

Little Sister think this is the best look for her.  I'm glad we can just try this out virtually, instead of having to invest in this hair do.
This is Middle Sister's favorite do.  I'm pretty sure we could spend hours using this app.

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