Monday, September 17, 2012

Precious Bones

Precious Bones, a debut novel by Mika Ashley-Hollinger, is set in the swamps of Florida in the late 1940s.  Bones loves the outdoors and the many animals that are her friends. Bones' father, Nolay, an Indian shares his way of life with his family, and in many ways seems larger than life.
When two Yankees make their way to Southern Florida as part of a real estate scam, things become a bit more interesting- especially when one of them turns up dead.  Nolay seems to be the prime suspect, something Bones can hardly believe.  As she and Little Man investigate on their own, they also turn up a few other truths about life.
I loved the setting of this book and the cast of characters created by Ashley-Hollinger.  Bones is easy to love, and I was rooting for her, hoping that her father wouldn't let her down. 
Precious Bones was entertaining, with several chuckles along the way- a perfect coming of age novel for a wide range of readers.

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