Monday, June 4, 2012

Burn Down the Ground

It's already June 4th and even though I've read a few books this month I haven't reviewed any of them.  Today was my girls' last day of school, so summer has now officially begun and it's time to really get into my summer schedule and leisure reading. That means I also need to try and get some reviews written before I forget what I have read.
Burn Down the Ground by Kambri Crews is a memoir I enjoyed reading, despite the fact that Crews' life was anything but easy.  Part of the memoir focuses on the fact that her parents were deaf, creating a unique childhood experience for her and her brother. There were aspects to the deaf lifestyle I had never taken into consideration that I found rather fascinating such as the fact that there is a Deaf community that has different activities planned for the deaf.
The other portion of this memoir recounts Crews' childhood. Despite the fact that her father was unfaithful to her mother and they built a house in a remote wooded area, her childhood didn't seem that strange to me. That is, until her father's violence became extreme and secrets of her childhood and her parents' marriage are revealed.  Although I knew her father's behavior was bizarre, even I was amazed at the extremes he reached.
Burn Down the Ground is not the first memoir I have read about someone overcoming the odds to lead a successful life, but I never tire of these stories. 

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