Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Salon

I have had another three day weekend due to our snow day on Friday. This should mean my house is extra clean and I am ready for the week, but that is not the truth. I have read a bit, but my new obsession is the Masterpiece Theatre show, Downton Abbey. As someone who rarely watches television, I have certainly done my fair share of watching lately in an effort to get caught up with this show.

Yesterday I finished up Season 1. I am recommending this to many of my friends. In some ways it reminds me of the Luxe novels, although Downton Abbey is set in England, a decade after the Luxe takes place. The clothes the women wear are beautiful as are the women. The three sisters Mary, Edith, and Sybil work to meddle a bit in each other's lives and I found myself always being a bit surprised at how nasty these ladies could be. There is romance, suspense, and a lot of storylines going on at once - just like a good soap opera.

I am still two episodes behind, but am happy to report that I can watch them on the PBS website. Forget laundry and cooking. I am planning on a day of Downton Abbey.

This has also cut into my reading time, which I am feeling guilty about. However, I feel a bit of a reading slump is taking place. Once again I have a bag of books to return to the library, only one of which I've read. I have started reading more of the books on my own shelves which should delight my husband. It will take a lot of books to make my shelves look a bit thinned out, but it is a start. I read a ridiculous number of books last year, and while I would always like to top that number, I have also decided that I don't need to read as frantically as I do. I would like to relax and savor what I am reading instead of always looking ahead at the next dozen books I need to get to. (Of course as I write this I still have checked out an enormous stack of books). So we shall see how this plan works for me. As soon as I see a good book I find it nearly impossible not to check it out. And my interests are varied so many books appeal to me. But overall I want to slow down and enjoy what I am reading.

This week we are expecting some freezing rain today -boo. Considering we had such great weather earlier this month, we shouldn't complain. Yet, I am ready for spring.

What do you have planned for your day?

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Anne Bennett said...

I think I'd better look into the series Downtown Alley. It sounds like something I'd like.