Monday, December 19, 2011

Maisie Dobbs

It's unfortunate it has taken me until this point in the year to get to the Read From Your Shelves books. Maisie Dobbs is one of the books on my list that I can now check off - and that I can say that I very much enjoyed.

Set in 1929 England, Maisie has just opened her own private detective agency. The case she must solve seems pretty straightforward, but it is the story that is shared about Maisie and her childhood that created a connection to this character. Maisie's mother died when she was just thirteen, and she is left with her father. Her father, although kind, decides to send his only child away to work for another family. The two see each other on weekends. Although Maisie's life seems anything but hopeful, there is a ray of hope. Maisie discovers the library at the home she is working in and begins to awaken early each day to read and learn. When she is discovered, her love of learning is encouraged.

Now in 1929, Maisie is a young woman embarking on a career of her own. We learn about her first love which occurred during the war, and her ability to persevere despite many challenges. Although the war is over, Winspear writes of the war and its aftermath, which was felt for many years by the soldiers who served and their families. I particulary appreciated this portion of Maisie Dobbs, and all it added to the overall story.

Lucky for me, I waited so long to read Maisie Dobbs there are many more in this series already. Hopefully it won't take me as long to delve into the next installment. This is a series I imagine I will become more attached to with each book, and can't wait to read more of.

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kenpen said...

I love Maisie Dobbs. It's such a great series.