Saturday, December 17, 2011

Defining Dulcie

Iwas introduced to Paul Acampora's work recently having been recommended Rachel Spinelli Punched Me In the Face, Acampora's second novel. I immediately reserved Defining Dulcie, his debut novel and was not disappointed.

Sixteen year old Dulcie's father has just died, and in addition to grieving for him, Dulcie's mother decides to move across the country to California. I will admit that at first this storyline didn't much interest me. I have read a lot of books with a road trip theme, and although some are better than others, this plot seems a little repetitive to me. Thankfully, the move across the country is a very short portion of this story, and certainly not the focus. Dulcie misses her home and takes her father's truck (the one her mom intended to sell) across the country and back home. Once there she is left to deal with her dad's death, starts working with her grandfather in his janitorial position at the high school and becomes friends with a girl her father had befriended, unbeknownst to Dulcie.

This book is filled with quirky and unique characters, humor, despite the sad topic, and great writing. Defining Dulcie is a short novel about how one girl and her family do to deal with their grief and continue living.

Another excellent book by Paul Acampora!

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