Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Reading

My reading over this four day weekend is not very impressive at all. Instead, our family has put together a 1000 piece puzzle in the course of 24 hours. We are happy it is completed and all had fun working on it, but were slightly disgusted to see that 5 pieces are missing from the finished product. I am sure this is from my daughters who got the puzzle out several years ago when they were much younger.

I took the girls shopping yesterday - just Target where we picked up some DVDs, and then we ended up walking around the very busy mall. Today I want to go back by myself so I can get some real shopping done. Last night we also put up our tree and Christmas decorations. We got it done quickly, but it is still a project to get out and sort through stuff. Tomorrow my sister and her family will be back so we will celebrate Thanksgiving at my parents house.

All of this has seriously cut into my reading plans. ARGH!

However, I did manage to read Crashers by Dana Haynes, the first in a mystery series chronicling a team of Crashers who discover and research reasons why airplanes crash. This first novel was suspenseful as they tried to find the culprit of the crash. While it initially seemed like pilot error, there was much more to the story. A Vermeer One Eleven crashes outside of Portland, Oregon, leaving few survivors. Tommy Tomzak, who recently left the NTSB is named as the head of the investigation, causing initial disagreement among others on the crashers team. Others on the team bring with them unique skills as well as they race to determine how this plane was brought down. Because, although it looks like pilot error, this plane was downed on purpose, and now the group that crashed this plane is planning on downing another one.

The second in this series, Breaking Point, is already out. I enjoyed the first novel, but think as this series progresses and I begin to "know" the characters that I will enjoy these books even more. While I have several mystery series that I read, this is the only one dealing with the airline industry. Mystery and suspense lovers will enjoy Haynes books a great deal.

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