Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Daughters Join the Party

I will admit that when I started Joanna Philbin's fourth Daughters book, I was a bit confused. I enjoyed the first three, and without even knowing anything about the fourth, picked it up. I had no idea that a fourth daughter was being introduced to this series, but once I started this installment, I loved the latest addition.

Emmy Conway is also born to great wealth and privilege. Her father, Adam Conway, is thinking about a presidential bid, and suddenly her family is thrust into the limelight. This doesn't seem to be a problem for her older brother, Remington, who is a star student, star athlete, and perfect son. But for Emma? Emma is dyslexic and doesn't do as well in school, she also has a hard time following the rules, and as the novel begins has been kicked out of her boarding school. Now she will be attending the same school as Remington, which is where she meets up with Hudson, Carina and Lizzie, the Daughters from the previous novels. Although Hudson, Lizzie and Carina do make appearances in this novel and are friends with Emma, this is really Emma's story.

She must deal with life in the limelight, being true to herself and finding a way to fit in with her over-achieving family. Add in a little romance, and a few other minor plots, and this Daughters novel is just as fun as the first three.

I am so far behind in keeping up with most series, that the fact that I am all caught up with Philbin's books should be evidence to their quality. I like how they are also very clean novels - free from swearing and sex. Other elementary librarians in my district have purchased these for their upper elementary girls, and my own fourth grade daughter has started the first novel. This series is well written and gives the feel of The Gossip Girls for the younger set.

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