Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Salon

I can't remember the last time I haven't blogged in over 48 hours- a fact that my oldest daughter made sure to point out to me....along with the reminder that I missed the Sunday Salon last weekend as well.

My weekend has been more relaxing than some, although I did host a sleepover for my ten year old and three friends on Friday night that involved an outing to a rec center where they swam and tried rock climbing, and supper at Pizza Ranch where I gorged myself on absolutely unhealthy food. Saturday morning I missed a baby shower I had planned on attending as I was still delivering children to their homes.

My husband and I rarely see movies, and the ones we have seen lately have all been with our children. Last night we managed to go to The Big Year at the dollar theater. Although my husband is not a big reader, he does love birding and has read The Big Year, thus his interest in the movie. We both enjoyed it a lot.

Today I have been in a whirlwind, trying to clean up a bit because I have just allowed too much clutter to accumulate. I am making progress. I have switched my summer and winter clothes and shoes, put the flannel sheets on the bed and done several loads of laundry, made food for meals this week, and am still busy picking things up and putting things away. I would really like to cuddle up with a few good books that are sitting here, which I plan on doing soon.
Because I missed the Sunday Salon last week, I'm sharing the girls Halloween picture now. This year we had a twenties flapper, disco queen, and ladybug. Now we have three huge piles of candy that I am hoping my husband takes to work soon. It is just too tempting.
Now that I feel organized, I should be back to blogging regularly. Here's to a great week at work and school.

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Lisa said...

Mmmm Pizza Ranch. The Bug loves Pizza Ranch. He always wants the pasta salad with macaroni noodles first, before anything else. How crazy is that?