Thursday, November 17, 2011

All These Things I've Done

Anya Ballanchine is a teenage girl in 2083 in a world where chocolate is illegal, water is rationed, and crime is everywhere. Although just sixteen, Anya's parents have both been killed in mob hits, and she is responsible for her older brother, Leo, who suffered a brain injury in the accident that killed their mother, and her younger sister who just happens to be a genius.

Anya has several things to worry about: Leo has been lured into the family business, Anya's ex-boyfriend has been poisoned by the bar of chocolate Anya gave him and now she is sent to prison, and Anya has just happened to fall in love with the District Attorney's son despite his strict warnings to her to leave his child alone.

This is a fascinating - if not a little scary - world. Anya's dying grandmother remembers life much as we know it now. She was born in 1995, and tells Anya of a world where people could buy books (paper is now rationed), or go swimming, and travel overseas. And although life is vastly different, there are still a few things that remain the same. Anya's love for her family and desire to protect them, and her attraction to Win and romance with him show that life in 2083 still centers around family and relationships.

All These Things I've Done instantly grabbed me. Although I have looked at Zevin's website, and found no information on this, Amazon indicates that this book is the beginning of a series. While the ending does provide some closure, there is definitely room for future novels, and I would love to see what Anya, Leo and Natty are up to in the future.

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