Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something to Hold

I selected this book from Amazon Vine without knowing anything about it at all - simply the title and cover that called to me. Upon receiving it I wanted to begin reading immediately and found this story to be wonderful.

Kitty and her family move frequently. This particular move leads them to the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon where Kitty and her family live among the Indian tribe. She feels lonely as the school year begins and making friends is hard. She is also becoming aware of how badly the Indian children are treated by other white people, including teachers in the school. Kitty has a strong need to do the right thing and when she is given a chance, she must decide if she dare risk everything to speak out against injustice.

Katherine Schlick Noe's book is a work of fiction, yet was inspired from her own experiences growing up on an Indian reservation. Set in 1962, Noe includes themes of friendship, honor, and pride in this coming of age novel. I especially appreciated this unique perspective on reservation life and the relationship between whites and Indians.

Although I have just turned the last page of this book, this is one title I can't stop thinking about. I have already recommended it to several friends; this is a must-read for fans of historical fiction as well.

Visit Katherine Schlick Noe's website.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Glad the cover attraction turned out to be a winner of a book as well.

Anonymous said...

This one sounds great. The Oregon location drew me in and then reading your summary and thoughts, I'm hooked. Glad you decided to get this one! LOL

Fourth Musketeer said...

I ordered this one from Amazon Vine as well! I didn't realize you are also a "Vine" reviewer! I LOVE Amazon Vine--this month in addition to several books I got my daughter a $60 pair of earbuds for free from them. I know everyone badmouths Amazon but I'm still a loyal customer.