Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Salon

Today is such a rainy, dreary really feels like fall is on its way. I can't way I am excited for shorter days, snow, winter driving and all of that. But, I do enjoy the crisp fall weather, football season, and feeling warm and cozy inside.

My youngest daughter went to her first birthday party today. Her friend, Garrin, from daycare invited her to go and see Lion King in 3-D. She thought it was great. My middle daughter helped my husband by an Invisible Fence for our pooch at Home Depot and had lunch with him at Taco Bell, and my oldest daughter stayed home with me. We curled up in the TV room and watched a few shows together, which is very unlike me. I have so many books to read and a lot to do, but this weather just erased any motivation.

I also attended a fabulous play, The Dixie Swim Club, with a good friend last night. It's a great story of women, friendship, the cycle of life and passage of time. Our local theatre put it on and it was wonderful. I wish my mom would have had tickets to go as well, because this story about a group of college friends who meet each year and help each other through their ups and downs in life, is one I think she would enjoy. She also has a close group of college friends who meet up each year for a weekend. They have known each other for over forty years now and still find time for each other.

Luckily we ran our errands yesterday so tonight we are taking baths, washing hair, and getting things ready to go back to school for the week: piano practicing, lunch making, spelling word quizzing.

I started The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and am enjoying it, although I am not very far into it. The bad news is that it is due tomorrow. I may end up having to pay a quarter or two as a fine since I can guarantee it won't be done by then and it is too good to just quit reading and return.

This week ahead looks long to me. We have had several weeks where the students have only come for four of the five days. From now until Thanksgiving there are no breaks. To add to that, I (and the rest of our staff) am tutoring after school three nights every week. And, Wednesday, the one day we usually get to leave early, is a day that we have been scheduled to attend Professional Development until 6 PM. Calgon, take me away!

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