Saturday, September 17, 2011

Falling Together

Marisa de los Santos' latest novel, Falling Together, reminded me of the reasons I enjoy her novels: great writing and characters that feel real.

Cat, Will and Pen have not seen each other or spoke in the past six years. When Pen and Will receive a message from Cat to meet them at their college reunion because she needs them, the friends anticipate reuniting. But what awaits them is not the reunion they planned.

While this story did not strike me as horribly unique, I loved de los Santos' writing. Just as with her other novels, she seamlessly moves between the present and the past creating a full, well rounded picture of these characters as scenes from their past are revealed. While I loved the characters in de los Santos' previous novels, I also enjoyed these new characters and their friendship as well.

Falling Together is a well written, hard to put down story of friendship and loss. A great book to curl up with.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Looking forward to this one; have enjoyed her books in the past.

Anne Bennett said...

I haven't heard form you for a while. How is your school year going? I have been so pooped I am barely reading. Ugh!


Jill said...

I always enjoy her books...looking forward to this one