Monday, September 5, 2011

Killing Kate

I have enjoyed the first three installments of Julie Kramer's mystery series (Silencing Sam, Missing Mark, Stalking Susan) and was excited to see the fourth, Killing Kate, out this summer. Kramer does not disappoint in her latest book.

Riley is still dealing with her irritating boss, Noreen, and still hunting for breaking stories as a television reporter. This time when Kate, the sister to Riley's college roommate who she no longer keeps in touch with, is murdered, Riley is on the scene. There are a few similarities with other murders that have occurred, and a connection to an angel statue in an Iowa City graveyard. Riley can't help getting involved in this case, especially when her former roommate Laura moves in with her for a bit and the two discover Kate's secret life.

I loved the Iowa connection that Kramer added to this story. One of the reasons I first was intested in this mystery series was because of the Twin Cities setting. Adding a more familiar locale just increased my interest, and also piqued my curiosity about the angel statue Kramer writes of. I love some good Iowa history, and will have to research this one on my own.

Kramer's novels have been published regularly for the last few years, so I am hoping that her next one will also be on shelves within the next year.

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