Saturday, September 24, 2011

Girls in White Dresses

Jennifer Close's Girls In White Dresses is a first novel for this author. The cover of the book intrigued me, and what I expected was a chick lit novel with a little romance. Close's book is that - sort of. Close follows the lives of Isabelle, Mary and Lauren who are single and in their twenties, navigating their shift from college to life in the city - first jobs, career moves, relationships with men (not boys any longer) and the endless parade of weddings they attend. I felt as though I could relate to these women, remembering what life was like for me a little over a decade ago. Although I didn't ever have the city life aspect of their story, this book felt a bit like the mid 90's - after I graduated from college.

I read several reviews on Amazon that picked this book apart- especially focusing on a lack of plor or any real climax in the book. While it's true, this book does just move among these characters and the events in their life, it seemed very true to real life to me. This is not a classic romance, and these women share their feelings about the guys they date and their own questions about their relationships and their futures.

I really liked this book, and while I understand the criticism other readers may find with it, Girls in White Dresses worked for me. I found it entertaining and engaging and hard to put down.

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