Thursday, August 11, 2011

Throwback Thursday

Just recently my mom has been cleaning out her upstairs, packing things off to give my brother, sister and me. Some of it we no longer care about, but there are many things that bring back happy memories of childhood. And, of course, one of the things I most enjoy finding are some of the books I remember from my growing up years.

Richard Scarry's Nursery Tales is a collection of different nursery rhymes that I brought home from my parents' house and have been reading to my children. I like them because they are short little stories that most children should be familiar with. And, one of my favorites, The Wolf and Kids, from long ago, is a story that my girls also ended up loving. So far even though my oldest daughter often pretends that she is too old to be read a picture book, all the girls have gathered round to hear these stories. I have always enjoyed Scarry's artwork and his familiar characters, so getting this book back after years of not thinking of it, is a real treat.

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Ashley said...

How fun! I've never read Richard Scary, but I used to watch the cartoon when I was a kid and I loved it! I might have also had some individual board books... But I remember really loving the show & I'm SO going to be looking for this now! How fun!