Monday, August 29, 2011

Small Acts of Amazing Courage

Gloria Whelan's latest book, Small Acts of Amazing Courage, covers the time immediately after World War I, when India is trying to gain its independence from Great Britain. Rosalind has enjoyed the freedom her father's absence has permitted her. While he was away fighting, Rosalind has managed to visit the Indian bazaars with her friends, and has been excited after hearing Gandhi speak. Upon her father's return, she finds it impossible to live by the rules he has given her, and is eventually sent away to live with her two spinster aunts in Great Britain. Rosalind manages to find a bit of trouble there as well, and it is her mother's oldest sister, Ethyl, who tries to control this free-thinking young woman.

The time period of this book was very engaging to me. I have been interested in Gandhi and his beliefs and teachings since he was introduced to me in sixth grade social studies. While Rosalind's viewpoints represents those understanding the plight India has gone through, her father's are more traditional as are her aunt's. I appreciated that both viewpoints were given as well, allowing me to see both sides of the issue.

Whelan is a fantastic writer of historical fiction novels, and Small Acts of Amazing Courage is a great story as well as a great look at this period in history.

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Peaceful Reader said...

This would be an interesting perspective during this time period. I tried to read another by Whelan but didn't make it through it-maybe this book is the one I should try.