Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Salon

Officially I have only one full week of summer left and just a couple days of the next week. Part of me is ready to go back to school and have a routine, but I have enjoyed running around with my girls and going to the pool, sleeping in a bit later and having an entirely different routine. I used to have a list of things I wanted to get done each summer. That was before I had kids. Now I still have a mental list, but I haven't really become too stressed when I don't get everything on it done. One thing on the list this year was the making of a quilt/throw for our daycare provider. She has watched all my girls (my oldest daughter started with her when she was three and my middle daughter started when she was one). This spring my youngest daughter finished up with daycare. She will be starting an all-day Pre/K program in the fall and is with us at home all summer. I meant to have a nice gift for our daycare lady but of course could never get something done on time. So, the last day of daycare came and went. We visited her a few times just to say hi. And a few weeks ago my mom (who would have to be the one to make this gift since I don't even know how) asked if I had given up on the idea. After we talked, we stopped by a quilt shop in Des Moines and purchased our supplies. That was only last Friday, and yesterday my mom had it done. I went to her house last night to help clip the squares and we delivered the gift on our way home.
I hope Karen, our day-care provider for six and a half years knows how thankful we were to have her taking care of our children. And just in case she misses my three, all of them have volunteered to spend some time with her cuddling up in her new blanket.

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