Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat Wave

Nancy Thayer seems to be publishing a book each summer much like some other authors I know and love. This year's title Heat Wave is another beach book I can check off my list and let others know about.

Carley is newly widowed after her husband Gus dies unexpectedly of an undiagnosed heart problem. Now left on the island of Nantucket with her two daughters, Carley must try and make a life for her family. Gus' parents are from Nantucket, both from old money. Despite the fact that Carley did not have their same background they all get along well. Now, however, Carley must make her own decisions, despite pressure from her in-laws to take charge of her life now that she is alone. Throw in a little bit of romance and some friendship drama and Thayer provides an entertaining read in many ways. I did find some of this novel a bit predictable, and yet was totally unsuspecting when some other drama arose. I knew how this novel would end long before the last page, but still enjoyed reading it. This is a great beach book- one that is entertaining and light.

I am also amused by both Thayer and Hildebrand's continued Nantucket settings. While I do love the setting and I have always heard the phrase "write what you know" I am curious how many more novels they can write in this same setting. Sadly I don't think my Iowa background would allow me to write something set in Nantucket, and "writing what I know" would produce a book that wasn't very interesting at all. Since Nantucket seems to be working for both of these authors, I may have to look into a change of scenery :)

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Peaceful Reader said...

I thought your title was in reference to our weather but no, you are introducing me to another new author. Maybe one day this week we could make it to the pool.
My girl has "Little Red Schoolhouse" all week from 9-12:30!