Friday, July 22, 2011

The Midnight Tunnel

Suzanna Snow dreams of being a great detective like her famous uncle Bruce. However, not much happens in the small town where her parents manage a hotel. Until seven year old Maddie Cook goes missing. Suzanna is sure she saw Maddie on the night of she disappeared walking in the servant's tunnel, but no one will take her seriously - she's only a child. Suzanna continues to keep her journal of observations and is overjoyed when her uncle comes to town to help solve the case. However, the uncle she has idolized isn't quite as wonderful as she dreamed. He calls her by the wrong name and dismisses everything she says, treating her like a young child. Lucky for Suzanna her uncle's apprentice, Will, does listen to her. The two of them do some real detective work and with their powers of observation are able to solve not only the puzzle of Maddie's disappearance, but another crime as well.

This is the first Suzanna Snow mystery and I will be awaiting more. The early 1900's setting of a hotel in New Brunswick was a perfect place for this mystery. Frazier left a few details to the imagination - what really created the rift between Suzanna's uncle Bruce and her father? - that there will be more to explore in future installments. I enjoyed reading this book's twists and turns, and while I did have my suspicions about what happened to Maddie, tween readers will find this book suspenseful and entertaining.

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